Milliken Table Skirting

Recommendations For Handling Milliken Table Skirting

Basic Requirements:

  1. Equipment must be free of burrs and sharp edges.
  2. Washing equipment should have properly functioning water level and temperature controls.
  3. Drying equipment must have properly functioning temperature and cool-down controls.
  4. Dryer must be able to reverse direction.
  5. Lint screens on dryer must be cleaned daily.
  6. Chemical feed systems must be functioning properly.
  7. Extraction force must not exceed 100 G’s.
    Basket RPM2 x DIA.
    = G Force
  8. Standard operating procedure should include periodic inspections of the above listed requirements.

Processing Requirements:

  1. Inspect skirting for clips and other objects and remove any found to prevent damage to the washer and linen.
  2. Milliken skirting should be handled separately from cotton to prevent lint pickup and dye transfer to the fabric. Whites should be washed separately.
  3. Load washers to no more than 60% of rated washer capacity. For longer skirting (12 to 21 ft. lengths) decrease load size to 50%.
  4. Bleaching is not recommended for colored skirting.
  5. Use no fabric softeners or lubricants on the skirting as these will “mask” the soil release and flame retardant properties.
  6. To minimize wrinkling, expedite loads through all processing procedures (washing, drying, folding) once a cycle is started.
  7. Control temperature drops to no more than 15º F/step to avoid thermal shock.
  8. Excess extraction causes wrinkling. Keep extraction time and speed minimal.

Suggested Wash Formula For Milliken Table Skirting:

Step Water Level °F Temp. Time (min.) Supplies/100 lb. Capacity
Injection System Powder System
Flush High Split 2
Break Low 140° 8-10 6-10 oz. Built Alkali
4-8 oz. Solvated Surfactant
.5-1 lb Built Detergent
6-10 oz. Solvated Surfactant
Carry-Over* Low 140° 4-5
Rinse High 140° 2
Rinse High Split 2
Rinse High Split 2
Rinse High Cold 2
Sour Low Cold 5 1 oz. Sour 1 oz. Sour
Extract **
*For white skirting, insert bleach cycle and antichlor in formula. Bleaching of colored napery is not recommended.
**Time depends on machine design. Use the minimum time.

Suggested Drying Procedure:

  1. Load dryers to no more than 50% rated capacity. For longer skirting decrease load size to 40%.
  2. Set dryer on permanent press, reversing cycle to prevent tangles.
  3. Skirting must be dry before “cool down” starts. Drying time will vary between 10 to 20 minutes depending on load size, extraction, and temperature.
  4. “Cool down” must be long enough to cool fabric and dryer walls to room temperature. Time will vary between 8 to 15 minutes.