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Milliken’s Technical Services Team provides invaluable resources to customers all over the world. We have experienced representatives specifically designated to the commercial laundry, hospitality and international markets.

Win, win for laundry!

Heath Maughon
Laundry Service Team Leader

“I was recently contacted by a machine manufacturer and asked various questions regarding the ironing process as well as the recommended moisture levels for linen as it enters the ironer. After some discussion, I volunteered to visit the laundry having the quality issues since the laundry being affected was a loyal Signature Plus table linen user. When I arrived at the plant, I saw the beautiful new CBW the plant had recently purchased; it had amazing capabilities and offered endless new options for the plant. The only problem was that the linen exiting the tunnel was much too damp for ironing.

The plant was currently rejecting about 28% of all the linen that was processed in the new tunnel as it passed down the ironer. As you can imagine, the plant was starting to worry and production was drastically affected. Milliken’s Laundry Service Team (LST) in conjunction with other partnering companies put their heads together and ran several trials. The goal was to process a quality product that the plant was used to achieving using the new tunnel washer. After several experiments and hours of work, a processing procedure was developed that yielded excellent results. The plant ownership was excited with both the quality and the throughput using the new processing standards.

This win-win situation only occurred because Milliken’s LST was willing to assist. The cost to the laundry for Milliken’s visit was FREE. Milliken’s Laundry Service Team will provide technical processing assistance to any laundry currently using our products. The motto within LST is, ” We cannot succeed if you don’t succeed”. Give us a call to see if we can help you with any issues you may be experiencing.”